Types of leggings

Shiny Leggings

There are mountains of fashion styles in the world to wear with your shiny leggings! Wearing these leggings will make heads turn to your direction! You might receive a compliment, too, if you wore them right. But how must you wear these kind of leggings? First, remember that opposites attract. Leggings are tight and so, your top must be loose to tone down your outfit. You must never wear a shiny top and leggings at once for this will cause traffic and blindness. But, seriously, when pairing clothes, make sure you will not appear trying too hard. Just remember, less is more. Then, you can now wear your heels!


Shimmering or metallic leggings must be paired only with heels since these leggings require a sophisticated and edgy look. You better not ruin the leggings’ agenda to stardom! But, what is fascinating about these leggings is that you can appear to be well dressed with it. With the help of your trusted tunic cinched at the waist and a number of necklaces, and let us not forget, the killer heels, you will never have to worry that you are dressed over-the-top. And, yes, just remember that less is more and simplicity is the true beauty. So enjoy simplicity by wearing leggings!


Skull Leggings

Many people love leggings. They are comfortable and they are slimming. They can make almost any outfit look stylish and sleek. They are pretty inexpensive and there is something so coolly retro about them. One of the newest trends is skull and skeleton leggings and there are some pretty fashionable ways to wear them too.  They come in a variety of fabrics, interesting styles, and colors. The elastic waistline is comfortable all day long no matter if you are sitting behind a desk or studying for finals.


A good, quality pair of leggings can also provide support for your backside and hips. They are not really designed to be worn as a pair of pants, but depending upon how comfortable you are with your body, you might be able to wear them alone. If you are going to wear them as a pair of pants, then need to be supportive and thick.


Leggings have been a wardrobe staple of girls with style for years. Just think about Audrey Hepburn and her black ankle-length leggings that she wore with a big, crisp white shirt. When she added black ballet flats, she had an iconic look that was copied for generations.  Then there’s also Cyndi Lauper wearing bright, neon leggings with stiletto heels and scrunches in her hair. Leggings are truly iconic!

When wearing leggings, it is a good idea to start with the basics and then you for variety, and then expand with items like skull and skeleton-design leggings. They come in different prints, finishes, and washes, and can be worn in many different ways and colors. To start, it is a good idea to get a couple of pairs in the neutrals like black and brown. The sheer, footless styles are really good to work with, especially under long shirts and tunics. Experiment with different lengths. Leggings are available in many different lengths, from capri to ankle to footed tights. The hottest trend right now is the ankle length, but some lengths look better on some women than others, so play around with different lengths and find which one looks best on you.

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